“Kruglanski said that the immediate threat to Bowers’s

He was an “ass wiper” as we call it. Nurse aide. Him and his old lady tried it. He does not appear to have finished high school, and classmates barely remembered him. “But he was a white male, and that made him part of a white majority.”Kruglanski said that the immediate threat to Bowers’s significance, his white majority, was the caravan of immigrants on its way to the United States, which prominent conservatives linked to the Jewish community by suggesting that George Soros, a Holocaust survivor, was paying for and organizing the caravan.When someone or something threatens to take away “the only kind of significance these people have,” Kruglanski said, “they are ready to sacrifice all other considerations and engage in a violent act, and pay a very dear price for it.”[Perpetrators of hate crimes see themselves as heroes, researchers say]Tony McAleer, a former skinhead and organizer for White Aryan Resistance, said Kruglanski’s model is “spot on.” Not only did he experience the search for significance, narrative and networking that got him into hate groups when he was young, but he sees the pattern play out in the stories of other “formers” as well.”Although, there is some nuance,” McAleer said. “Everybody wants to belong, and sometimes there’s a little serendipity to who you meet and who accepts you.” In some cases, the group itself might help a person determine what their significance is.Hate crimes are on the rise, hitting a new high in 2016, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which recorded more than 6,000 incidents that year.

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