Talk to your doctor first, though

Unlike black and Latino voters, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders make up a small percentage of the eligible voting electorate and are concentrated in states like California and New York that have voted reliably Democratic since 1992.”This is now changing these days,” Lee said, noting the growing Asian and Asian American population in states like Virginia, Washington and Nevada.The growing population expands the group’s views and priorities on political issues. Nevertheless, the population is becoming even more solidly Democratic, according to experts.Some political strategists said Republican nominee Donald Trump, who has mocked Chinese and Japanese accents, vilified China and intimated he may have supported the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, may be speeding the shift toward Democrats.”It’s a development of a trend that’s going on at least since” the election of President Barack Obama, Lee said. Democrats “thereby keep up with the demographic changes and really make the Republicans scared on account of the shrinking white electorate.”.

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